Who We Are

A Network of Churches

Synergy Missions Solutions Network (Synergy Missions) is a network of unified and cooperating churches that are in cross cultural, church-to-church partnerships. 

Missions Solutions

Synergy Missions exists to provide missions solutions for evangelical churches for the purpose of spiritual impact and life transformation for individuals, churches, communities, and nations.

Serves Churches, Empowers Partnerships

Synergy Missions' leadership serves the network churches through consulting, training, developing church-to-church partnerships, and implementing effective missions solutions. 

Church-to-Church Partnerships

Church-to-church partnerships are the foundation for Synergy Missions because it is a Biblical way that God grows His kingdom.  This is our philosophy of partnership:

The goal of a partnership is for two churches from distinct cultures to work alongside one another in meaningful and culturally relevant ways. The partnership is under the direction and empowerment of God for the expansion of His Kingdom in both contexts.

Our Leadership:

Dr. Doug Cassady

Executive Director

Dr. Doug Cassady, B.S. from Texas A & M University, DMIN and MDIV from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; 31+ years ministry experience; 11 years as a Missions Pastor. He also teaches missions as an adjunct professor.


Dr. Cassady's leadership, training, and equipping of churches in church-to-church partnerships and effective missions solutions played a major role in launching Synergy Missions.  As the founding Executive Director for Synergy Missions, he has helped lead the network to grow to 35+ churches from around the world since 2011. 

He lives in Austin, Texas with his wife, Brenda. They have 2 adult children;  Colton lives in Austin and works for a Sports Medicine practice; Amber who lives in Dallas and attends Dallas Theological Seminary.

Board of Directors
Carter Simmons


Nate Newman
Heidi Ullrich


Steve Edwards
Greg Jessen


Zach Tonroy

Vice President

Darryl Egley
Synergy Missions




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