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What we do

Serving Pastors and Churches


We were founded for this exact purpose.

Serving your church is at the heart of everything we do.

  • Offer experienced and effective missions experience

  • Develop leadership

  • Customize church-specific solutions

  • Mobilize your church for missions

  • Promote Biblical stewardship

Benefits of Synergy Missions

  • On-sight training with a Certified Synergy Missions Trainer

  • Webinars for leadership/volunteers

  • Online resources and apps

  • Logistics

  • Guided Discovery Trips

  • New church-to-church partnerships

Church-to-Church Partnerships (CCPs)


CCPs are two churches from different cultures working alongside one another in meaningful and culturally relevant ways.


These partnerships:

  • Are directed and empowered by God for the expansion of His Kingdom in both contexts.

  • Entail trust, Christian community, respect, and love.

  • Promote learning from each other while serving each other.

  • Minimize cycles of harmful missional practices.

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The Power of Church-to-Church Partnerships


The following is a list of some of the reasons why churches partnering together makes sense:

  • Sharing strengths and addressing weaknesses

  • Mobilizes members from both churches

  • Members learn and grow from each other

  • Ministry continuity despite leadership or other changes

  • CCPs have proven track records and measurable spiritual impact

  • Focuses on relationships and people resources:​

    • empowers people

    • stimulates creativity

    • accountability

    • reduces  costs

  • Thwarts harmful community development practices that result in:​

    • dependency

    • misapplication of resources

    • stifling of development

    • lack of local engagement

    • Unequal and harmful relationships

    • short-term fixes

    • lack of accountability

    • artificial reports of outcomes

    • diminishing growth

    • little or no sustainability

Our Strategies

  • Church Planting
  • Community Development
  • Sports Outreach

Our Training Modules



  • Advanced Team Leadership Training for Team Leaders

  • "Ant Teams": Small Team Missions

  • Appropriate Motivations for Missions

  • Axioms of Missions

  • Biblical Mandate for Missions

  • Building Effective Missions Infrastructure in Your Church

  • Church-to-Church Partnerships

  • Concise History of Missions

  • Contextualization in Today's Culture

  • Cross-Cultural and Culture Shock Training

  • Current Realities and Need of Worldwide Missions

  • Decisions for Implementing Vision for Missions

  • Developing a Churchwide Vision for Missions

  • Effective Missions Councils, Teams/Committees

  • Engaging Worldviews of the World

  • Foundations of Missional Church Theory/Application

  • Issues in Community Development

  • Jesus Christ and Missions in the Gospels

  • Leading Change in the Church

  • Local Church Leadership in Missions

  • Local Missions Partnerships

  • The Missio Dei Meta-Theme of the Bible

  • Missional Living

  • Missions Budgeting

  • Missions in the New Testament

  • Missions in the Old Testament

  • Mobilization of Church Members

  • Re-entry

  • Short-term Trip Planning and Logistics

  • Short-term Trip Team Recruitment and Development

  • Spiritual Warfare in Missions

  • Sports Outreach

  • Sports Focused Church to Church Partnerships

  • Theology of Missions

  • What is the Missio Dei?

  • When Helping Hurts

  • Why is Missions a Lightning Rod in the Church?

  • Why Missions? The Biblical Justification of Missions

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Baseball Camps


Synergy Baseball Camps are multiplying rapidly.

Church Planting 

  • How to Partner with a New Church

  • Partnership Principles

  • Global People Groups in the USA



  • USA Unchurched Regions Culture and Logistics

  • Western Europe Culture and Logistics

  • El Salvador Culture and Logistics 

C2C Partnerships
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