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Synergy Missions Solutions Network (Synergy Missions) is a network of unified and cooperating churches that are in cross cultural, church-to-church partnerships. 

Dr. Bruce Webb

Senior Pastor, The Woodlands First Baptist Church, The Woodlands, TX

"As a pastor, the experience and expertise of Synergy Missions Solutions Network helps our church be involved in healthy, enjoyable, effective mission work, and on a much greater level than we could be on our own. Our churches relationship with Synergy and its leader Dr. Cassady (Doug) has caused our church members to grow in their love for the Lord and in their desire to reach people for Christ everywhere. I thank God for Synergy!"

Pastor Holger Neihausmeier

Pastor, Evangelish-Freikirchliche Gemeinde, Bramsche, Germany

"Since 2007 I´m working together with 'Synergy.' The baseball camps and the partnership between the churches are a very helpful tool for the evangelistic and church-building efforts in our local town in Bramsche. The children and teenagers, who participated at the camps, could see, how a spiritual, Jesus-centered attitude of all co-workers was a big impact in their life."

Pastor Jonathan Smith

Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church, La Grange, TX

"I will never do mission work the same. Our church to church partnership with a German church has yielded an outpouring of changed lives, in Texas and in Germany. Synergy will help us take our partnership to a whole new level. "

Steve Edwards

Missions Pastor, Central Baptist Church, Jacksonville, TX

"Our people have developed wonderful relationships with the other believers in the Buckeburg, Germany church. Because of our partnership, members from their church have come to Texas and gone with us on a mission trip in the United States. Church to church partnership is the best way I know of for doing missions."

Jimmy Larche

Breakaway Outreach, Cleveland, TN

"What I love most about the Synergy Missions network is that you get to be part of a missions’ movement that fosters innovative evangelism while mobilizing and building the local church through strategic partnerships and church planting. This is what Gospel-centered mission is all about!"

Dale Newcomb

Synergy Sports Camp Volunteer, The Woodlands, Texas

“Well let me tell you, when you partner with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ don’t be surprised with the outcome.  It can only be awesome. My name is Dale Newcomb and I have gone to Germany for the past four years. Synergy Missions has made the trip to Germany for more than a decade now. What took me so long? I was scared and I told the Lord I wouldn’t know what to do. But if you follow the call, what an experience. God will give you the tools on the spot. I have been so blessed. God is waiting to start a partnership with you, to do His work. Just listen and follow.”

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