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New camps in 2020-Lahde, Firrel, and Guetersloh, Germany

Coming in 2021 - New Camps in Poland, Italy and Germany

What Makes Synergy Sports Camps So Unique


  • Church-to-Church partnership based so that all of the church body is involved, not just athletes or sports-minded persons

  • Church-to-Church foundation provides platform of year round follow-up, discipleship, and assimilation

  • Designed for almost all church members to participate as a team member regardless of age, athletic ability/interest, and gender

  • Customizable for each unique context and partnership

  • Provides for reciprocity in partnerships as sports camps work in most any context and are effective for both communities in the partnership

  • It is a "Turn Key" solution; all training and non-consumable equipment provided

Sports Camps in a Box!

Synergy Missions has employed the sports camp model of outreach since 2003. Since the first camp there has been 14,000+ children and teens who have heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This has transformed hundreds of lives and impacted whole families. Synergy Missions can train and equip your church to join your partner church in this powerful outreach strategy. Synergy will provide all you need and is a "Turn Key" missions solution. That's why we call it "Sports Camps In a Box"!

We Do it All
  • On-site training with training materials

  • Equipment

  • Scheduling

  • On-location certified leader

  • Cap/T-shirt - full service plan

  • Spiritual resources - "Team Times"

  • Much more...

How Sports Camps Change Lives

Every aspect of a Synergy Sports Camp centers on intentional paths for life transformation.  The Life Transformation Model (lft.) demonstrates the goals of each camp via a baseball diamond.  Progress around the diamond marks steps toward life change as each camper and camp leader participates in the strategies represented by the base paths.  

Our Exclusive 118 pg. Training Module

History of Synergy Sports Camps

In 2002, a partnership was forged between the Evangelisch-Freikirchliche Gemeinde in Lübbecke, Germany, and First Baptist Church of The Woodlands, Texas. From this humble beginning, many more sports camps partnerships were birthed. In fact, the multiplication that took place set the groundwork for what is now Synergy Sports Camps. There is no way to fully measure the magnitude of the work of God over the years, but here are few highlights. 

The First Baseball Clinic

 Luebbecke, Germany 2003

God Working Since 2002

  • 18,000+ People Directly Impacted

  •  2600+ USA Church Members Mobilized

  •  128 Sports Camps

  •  Hundreds of new believers

Where we are WorkinG

  • Long Island NY

  • UK

  • Germany

  • El Salvador

  • With more coming online...


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2020 CampSchedule

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  • More Camps Added Regularly, Why Not Join the Movement?

Partnering Churches: Christliche Gemeinde, Luedenschied, Germany and FBC Kaufman, Texas

June 22-27, 2020

Wilnsdorf Baseball Camp

Partnering Churches:  Ev.-Ref. Kirchengemeinde Rödgen-Wilnsdorf, and Freie ev. Gemeinde Wilnsdorf, Germany and FBC Kaufman, Texas

June 22-27, 2020

Partnering Churches: Evangelische Freikirche Immanuel, Bielefeld, Germany and WoodsEdge Community Church, The Woodlands, Texas

June 29 - July 4, 2020

Partnering Churches:Josua-Gemeinde Evangelisch-Freikirchliche Gemeinde, Schenefeld, Germany and Faith Baptist Church, Palmhurst, Texas

June 29 - July 4, 2020

Partnering Churches: FeG Hamburg-Neuallermoehe, Neuallermoehe, Germany and Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, Morganton, North Carolina

June 29 - July 4, 2020

Kaltenweide Baseball Camp

Partnering Churches: FeG Langenhagen-Kaltenweide, Germany and Fellowship of Grace, PCA, Peoria, AZ 

July 20 - 25, 2020

Partnering Churches: Coastline Church, Seattle and FBC Kaufman, Texas

July 20 - 25, 2020

Partnering Churches: Evangelisch-Freikirchliche Gemeinde, Eickhorst, Germany and Crossroads Baptist Church, The Woodlands, Texas

July 20-25, 2020

Partnering Churches: EV.-Luth Kirchengemeinde Lahde, Germany and Crossroads Church, Rowlett, Texas

July 27 - August 1, 2020

Partnering Churches: Evangelisch-Freikirchliche Gemeinde, Westoverledingen, Germany and The Woodlands FBC, The Woodlands, Texas

July 27 - August 1, 2020

Firrel Baseball Camp

Partnering Churches: Evangelisch-Freikirchliche Gemeinde, Firrel, Germany and The Woodlands FBC, The Woodlands, Texas

August 3-8, 2020

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