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Dr. Doug Cassady

Executive Director 

As you know, the heartbeat of Synergy Missions is to equip churches for long term, church-to-c h u r c h partnerships. Narrowing it all down to the very core of it all, it is all about Jesus Christ transforming lives! I would like to share with you a story that in so many ways epitomizes the hundreds of stories of how Jesus Christ is transforming lives throughout the world through Synergy Missions partnerships.

It was a typical school day as a 16 year old German girl attended her Sports class. However, instead of receiving instruction from her teacher, she was introduced to baseball by two Americans and members of a local German church who were promoting a baseball camp coming to her town that summer of 2008. This young teenager held on to the baseball camp flyer for months and when the time came she signed up. Little did she know that her life would never be the same.
During camp she discovered people who cared about her. They shared the love of Christ with her both by words and acts of friendship. As she made friends, learned about baseball, and had the time of her life.  She also knew that God was calling her to a new life. She gave her life to Christ on the last night of camp. I was the one who had the wonderful opportunity to further point her to Jesus and outline how she could know Him. 

During this time, she did something that God has used in my life as well. She took an inexpensive silver cross that she had on a leather band around her neck and gave it to me. Of course, I implored her not to give me such a gift. But her mind was set on sharing this symbol of her new faith because her life was changed. She wanted to share what God had done in her life. This silver cross is still sharing the life-transforming story of Jesus today. I wear the necklace often and I can’t number the times that I have had the chance to tell this story and once again point others to Jesus.

This story is just a microscopic view of what God is doing in thousands of lives, people from all walks of life, ethnicity, and station. Secondly, recognize that within each story God is using many faithful believers to point others to Jesus.  Each one had been positioned by God for such a moment by many others who supported them with prayer, volunteer service, and resources. Through your prayers, acts of service, and financial gifts by becoming a Synergy Support Team Member, you will be used by God to join His story in what He is doing to change lives through Christ!

Serving Churches and  Empowering Partnerships, 

Dr. Doug Cassady

Executive Director 

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